Buck Mason

Buck Mason is a Men’s Clothing brand headquartered in Los Angeles CA, with Brick and Mortar retail stores in California, New York, Texas, and Georgia. The brand was founded in 2013 by Erik Allen and Sasha Koehn. The brand specializes in Tee Shirts, Tops, Denim, & Chino Pants, and shorts. They also feature outwear, accessories, women’s tee shirts, and some name brand collections.

The brand embraces a modern, bold, & minimalistic style, typically in the form of monochrome clothing. Buck Mason is known for its tee shirts (their most popular item,) and has developed a reputation for high quality manufacturing. The materials Buck Mason uses are typically of higher quality, and higher cost than most threads. The result is uncommon durability and long-lasting quality. The brand manufacture much of inventory in domestically, with some overseas production when production quality can be maintained (or at times, improved.) Despite the often high cost of manufacturing, the brand has managed to keep price point that is well below competitors offering similar quality.

Buck Mason has seen strong growth in the last few years, thanks largely to publicity in well known mediums like Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, Esquire, GQ, & Men’s Journal. The articles tend to focus on the exceptional quality of the Tee Shirts. Men’s health goes as far as claiming that Buck Mason has “perfected” the men’s tee. The company has also enjoys a boost in publicity when their clothing is sported by A-list celebrities like Tom Brady and Ryan Gosling.

From the website: Crafting the perfect garment starts with the right fabric. We knit all our own fabrics ensuring quality all the way back to the yarn. These clothes are built to last a lifetime and improve with every wash and wear. Our clothes are made in the finest factories in the world, combining innovative technologies with meticulous, handcrafted quality. We want our clothes to outlive us—that doesn’t just mean making clothes that won’t fall apart, it means designing something timeless, something that will always be relevant. We’re refining the American wardrobe, taking it apart, and putting it back together piece by piece.

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