John Varvatos

John Varvatos started the store that bears his name in 1999, and his first clothing line debuted in New York in 2000. This high end designer, manufacturer, and retailer is an award winning brand which can be found in ten freestanding boutiques across America as well as a myriad of department stores around the world. Designer John Varvatos made a name for himself by going against the style of the time, and his stores currently generate $140 million in sales per year. One positive affiliation that they have is with the Converse shoe company. Although they thought the partnership might last a year or two, it is well over a decade now that Converse has been working with the upscale clothing company.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the company was forced to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May of 2020, and Lion/Hendrix Cayman Ltd. was given approval by the courts to acquire the fashion brand, as long as they forgave the $76 million in debt the company had accrued. Despite that setback, the company is still going strong. John Varvatos credits music as being at the heart of his company, with rock n’ roll serving as his muse as a designer. Not only have many rock artists been featured in his ads, but music is also the focus of his philanthropic efforts, with a strong connection to Save the Music.

John Varvatos features ten brick and mortar stores across the country, from New York to Boston to Las Vegas to San Francisco. Inside these stores, shoppers will find the height of fashion for men. John Varvatos carries a full line of men’s clothing such as Pants, Jackets, Leather, and Sweaters. These high-quality items can be purchased in the store or online. The influence of music on the company can also be seen. With accoutrements ranging from belts to eyewear to shoes and musical items, John Varvatos is at the top of the food chain when it comes to men’s fashion. Customers in the boutiques can create a luxury experience with a personal shopper, and will be able to have their pulse on the fashion world in these stores.

The website, as one might expect, is as sophisticated as the clothing line. It is extremely easy to shop on this streamlined website, with clean lines and abundant categories for anyone who is interested in this high fashion trend of clothing for men. One aspect that is especially popular is the Outlet area, which can offer some deals on many of the popular items that John Varvatos carries. The return and exchange program is easy to use, and they also have a ship to store feature if you live near one of the free standing boutiques. The website features free standard shipping on all orders over $250, and $14 shipping for any order under this price. Shopping on the John Varvatos website is a truly pleasurable experience.

The John Varvatos company wants men to be happy with what they are wearing, and to have a special place all their own, with a side of rock n’ roll. As he said, “I want to create clothes that last through the generations,” he says, “so when you go back in your closet 10 years from now, you go, ‘This jacket looks better today than when I bought it.’”

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