Lovely Wholesale

LovelyWholesale is a fast-fashion clothing retailer, headquartered in China, with factories in Shanghai and GuangZhou. The brand offers discount clothing for women, men, and children, though it primarily caters to young women and female teenagers. The clothing tends to be fashionable and trendy, much like many of its competitors in the B2B market. The brand has seen large and rapid growth since its inception in 2011, due largely to social media influence.

The brand offers all categories kinds of clothing for women; dresses, tops, bottoms, pants, skirts, loungewear, jackets, blazers, swimwear, and more. It features items in many different styles and for many different occasions. They also feature many unique styles that cater to specific demographics, including clothing for African American women, and clothing for unique body shapes and sizes; like tops with extra room in the bosom, or pants with small waists and extra room in the hips. They also feature inclusive sizing, and have an entire category dedicated to curvy customers.

The website allows customer to search and browse by category, subcategory, occasion, style, season and more. Results can be filtered by type of clothing, date added, reviews, price, “hot”ness and more. The prices on LovelyWholesale tend to be lower than many of its competitors in the fast fashion space. A large percentage of its catalog is available for under $10, and most of the dresses are under $20. This makes LovelyWholesale one of the most affordable fast fashion brands.

From the Website: “Lovelywholesale supplies thousands of types of fashionable clothing, shoes, jewels, sexy lingerie and accessories. The company focuses on high quality and new trend in order to offer the most popular products to customers all over the world. Besides, the company is also committed to offer affordable price. Lovelywholesale expects that everyone can find loved products and enjoy shopping here.”