The Company

Fashionphile is a unique store with a unique history. Fashionphile sells used women’s accessories, luxury handbags, and jewelry, and this is a place where women can go to find great deals on used items or to sell back items they have already used. In 1999, Sarah Davis opened Fashionphile while she was still in law school, and seven years later she joined up with her brother-in-law Ben Hemminger as they enlarged the business and moved it to Beverly Hills, California.

At the outset, Fashionphile sold pre-owned luxury handbags on Ebay, but pivoted to their own website in 2007. Their first store opened off Rodeo Drive in 2008. With brick and mortar locations in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York City and Carlsbad, California, women have the choice to shop in person, or to buy or sell online. Fashionphile was named one of the 50 Best Workplaces in 2017 by the Silicon Review, Fashionphile continues to build their brand and stand out from the competition.

The Store

The store is mind-boggling in its scope, and sells luxury camera bags, designer purses, specialty watches and other high end accessories. The list of accessories is extraordinary, from hair clips to phone cases and everything in between. Luggage tags, belts, scarves, key rings, and cosmetic cases are just a few of the specialty items that are available. Many of these items are used once by a customer and then sold back to the store. Customers can get like-new items for less money than they normally pay. With over 20 stores across the nation, there are pop-ups and a partnership with Neiman Marcus to help women find what they need in person. Many of the physical stores have an appointment only policy, which can be accomplished virtually or in person.

The website is a well-organized and well-oiled machine, allowing customers to quickly find what they are looking for amid a seemingly endless variety of products. One perk of the website is that it offers personal shoppers to help consumers find the perfect accessories. This is great for customers who do not have a lot of extra time or do not trust their own style. The layout is designed to help customers shop easily. Customers can utilize the designer page if they are interested in accessories from only one designer. This is a very organized way to shop quickly. If customers prefer, they can shop according to product, with categories including Bags, Accessories, Jewelry, and Watches.

The web page has an extensive sale page for customers to browse, and an alerts system that customers can sign up for, so that they know if an item they are interested in becomes available. The website also highlights the buy back program so that you can sell your goods back to the store if you are no longer using them. Items are shipped via UPS or ground, and Fashionphile offers free inbound labels to the continental United States for people who need to return an item or want to sell an item to the store.

Mission Statement

The company has a four-pronged mission statement that they try to live out every day. The first part of the mission statement states, “We make authenticity our first priority.” The second statement is “When we want something, we’re all in.” Thirdly, Fashionphile promises “The best service, always.” Finally, the last tenet of their mission statement is “We value what’s unique in people, in pieces, and in perspectives.”

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