Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie is both an online and brick and mortar retail store selling women’s clothing. The brand was established in 2004 by Charlie Caratsopon (the brand’s namesake.) The brand has multiple stores across the United States, and in March of 2021, they announced the opening of fourteen new retail locations. The brand caters primarily to women; selling women’s clothing, accessories, sunglasses, handbags, jewelry and more. They also sell gifts, home decor, pet products, and many other miscellaneous items.

The collection of clothing from Charming Charlie is a unique mix of classic and modern trends. The brand’s popularity stems largely from unique styles, patterns, and designs that have developed a reputation for being an uncommon blend of fashion that is trendy and modern, while at the same time often classic, vintage, eclectic, or many other varieties of fashion that give the clothing a unique flavor. The brand has also gained popularity for its prices, that tend to run much lower than many of its competitors of similar quality. large percentage of the dresses on Charming Charlie are available for under $50.

Like the clothing itself, the retail locations have garnered a reputation for being highly unique, creative, and visually appealing, often with elaborate decor schemes. The stores are typically very colorful, and have gifts, accessories, knick knacks and creative styles spread all through the store, which makes Charming Charlie a favorite destination of impulse shoppers. Similarly, the website invites shoppers to discover items that one would not typically go looking for at a clothing website. The website also features a blog, largely centered around fashion.

Customers can create an account on the website for ease of ordering, order tracking, a newsletter, and member exclusive discounts. The brand also has heavy online presence and strong social media marketing. Charming Charlie remains very active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

From the website: Charming Charlie has been celebrating women and the colorful lives they lead since 2004. We believe that a woman’s unique style lies within the details, and that our vibrant array of accessories and apparel have the ability to elevate her look at an accessible price, for the big days and the every-days. Our thoughtfully- curated collections incorporate both classic design elements and trends of the moment, while our signature color schemes spark creativity and individuality. It’s a place where women come to bond with their friends, find unique gifts for their loved ones, and re-discover how the little things.”

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